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Family Life Centre (FLC) is a compassionate program of Airdrie Family Life Church who, together with its partnering agencies, strives to alleviate some of the pressures that come into our lives during different seasons of struggle.

Through the giving out of resources, such as food, education and support, we offer ways for individuals and families to move forward physically, emotionally and relationally. 




Open Pantry


In 2024, our "Open Pantry" will be available the second Monday of every month from 4-6:30 pm...

Register to receive assistance by connecting directly with their website listed below.

Family Life Centre (FLC) is a not for profit organization that exists to provide families, individuals and businesses with the resources and support needed to optimize physical, emotional and spiritual health. We believe that healthy individuals, families and businesses contribute positively to the health and vibrancy of our community.

FLC’s Open Pantry provides food stuffs to those in need and works in co-operation with other service organizations in our community.

We rely on donations from various business partners and individuals to be able to provide this service.

If you or someone you know needs a little help or if you would like to donate to the Pantry, please reach out:



Phone: 587-693-3000

Cash donations will be issued tax receipts under Family Life Church

Family Life Open Pantry next date is Monday, May 13th


Monday, MAY 13, 2024 from 4:30-6PM . Register through this page or via email with your name and the #of adults, teens and kids in your household, Location: 216 Main St S, Airdrie

If you or someone you know is in need of perishable or non-perishable food Family Life Open Pantry is here to give any resources we have to you at no cost. 

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